JOATMON - Masters Basketball League

Masters Basketball League (40+)

Fees can be given to Wayne; the score keeper or eTRANSFER to any of my email addresses.

Dynamic Schedule

Play-Off Schedule

April 6, 2020 18:30 Tar Heels (1) and Huskies (2) Scrimmage (no refs)
19:45 Wolf Pack (3) (A) Cardinals (6) Sudden death
21:00 Warriors (4) (B) Blue Devils (5) Sudden death
April 13, 2020 18:30 Tar Heels (1) (C) Lowest Seeded Winner From Sudden death (A)
19:45 Huskies (2) (D) Highest Seeded Winner From Sudden death (B)
21:00 Highest Seeded Loser (A or B) Lowest Seeded Loser For 5th place
April 20, 2020 18:30 Highest Seeded Loser (C or D) Lowest Seeded Loser For 3rd place
19:45 Highest Seeded Winner (C or D) Lowest Seeded Winner Championship
21:00 Local Heroes Wind Up
April 27, 2020 Season Done SEE YOU NEXT YEAR.   Ignore the game ticker until October.

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